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Hardware Version Release Notes?

Hi, I bought OVMS v3.1 hardware in 2018. I can't find the release notes for v3.2 or v3.3. Are release notes / list of improvements posted somewhere? Has anyone upgraded? Were the improvements are worth it? Is v4 in the works? Thanks! 

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The hardware has only had

The hardware has only had minor changes:

  • v3.1 was the first production v3 hardware
  • v3.2 added some minor improvements to electromagnetic interference, and ROHS component choices, for gain CE and FCC certification.
  • v3.3 made some minor improvements to the soldering masks on the main board (for firmer capacitor, inductor, and USB socket support). The modem board changed from SIM5360 to SIM7600 to add support for 4G networks.

There are no immediate plans for a v4, as v3.3 does what we need it to do.

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