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wes westhaver
How to support an unsupported vehicle?

How difficult is it to gather the required info to support a new (unsupported) vehicle? I have a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. It is the most feature rich vehicle I've ever owned but it requires a monthly subscription with Uconnect in order to use some of the features such as 'remote lock/unlock' and 'remote start'. Unfortunately, my Uconnect subscription will be useless once 3G is shut-down.

It seems that most OVMS vehicle support leans toward electric vehicles and my Pacifica is certainly far from electric, but I would like to be able to use OVMS to replicate the functionality provided by Uconnect and then some. OVMS looks like it might be a viable alternative to the Uconnect service.

I am a retired software developer who spends most of his computer time in the Linux environment. Are the OVMS developer tools able to be deployed to Linux? Or is it strictly Windows?



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How to support an unsupported vehicle?
wes westhaver
Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the information. I'm going to spend some time studying the Developer's Guide.


Hi Wes, 

Hi Wes, 

I own a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid 2021 and I'm interested in the same thing. Connect my car to extract data, control the car and bypass the subscription. 

I was wondering did you made any progress on this? 

Best Regards

My guess is that the old

My guess is that the old Umodule uses the canbus to control the car. If you can sniff on that communication and record the various commands you'll save a lot of work. The OVMS module can do the sniffing if you are able to get it wired to the bus.



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