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Notifications - how to configure


I got the OVMS yesterday,

I would like to receive a notification on my phone when the car stops charging. How can i do it?

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I do this with pushover.  The

I do this with pushover.  The two events I use are:


Vehicle has started to charge

Vehicle has stopped charging

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I do this without pushover,

I do this without pushover, as standard OVMS notifications work just fine out of the box.

All you need to have is a V2 server connection.

Config setting values set to '*' not notifying?


Can you tell us what the proper "config set notify XXXX ????" incantation for enabling the alerting for 12 volt charging is?


I found the parameters in the documentation, and tried using the "*" settings as shown below, but to no avail -- no alerts occurred during the period of time when obviously looking at the 12volt history graph indicates there were times when the 12v battery charging kicked on:


OVMS# config list notify notify (readable writeable)

log.grid.storetime: 45

log.trip.storetime: 45

report.trip.enable: yes

vehicle.alert.12v.off: *

vehicle.alert.12v.on: *

vehicle.charge.12v.start: *

vehicle.charge.12v.stop: *


Currently running the latest edge image: 3.3.002-18-gc1d9dad8

Thanks in advance!

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There is no standard

There is no standard notification on 12V charging, as that's a frequent standard operation. If you need that, add an event script to produce one.

12V deep discharge alerts are enabled by default, but won't normally occur on a vehicle with automatic 12V recharging.


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