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OVMS App Main Screen

Is there some documentation on the app somewhere? I just can't figure out exactly what the icons/numbers at the top of the "status" (main) screen do.

They show minutes...they appear/disappear...they change colors...they flash: I just want to understand how to interpret them because it's obvious to me that the app is not "constantly" connected now that I'm using the modem. Is there some regular interval it updates when using a modem (because it seemed like the WiFi was all the time)?

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Perhaps show a screen dump? I

Perhaps show a screen dump? I am not sure what the problem you have is. In general;

  • The numbers under the "P" parking sign in top left are the duration (hours, minutes) that the car has been parked.
  • The top right antenna is gray if not connected to the server, red if connected to the server but no car connected for some time, or green if both app and car are connected to the server. The numbers beneath that are the time (N mins) since the car last reported in data. The antenna will flash if the car has been requested to report current data, and solid (and time will change to 'live') if the car is online and data is up-to-date.

Regards, Mark

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That helps: thanks!

That helps: thanks!

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