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OVMS v3.3 USB Serial Port connection settings?

I'm connected via USB cable to the virtual device COM3 (based on Device Manager settings) to the OVMS board at 115.2K Baud, 8 Data bits, 1 Stop bit, No Parity, and I DO see messages coming across the console.  However, this appears to be read-only/display-only?  I have an OVMS> prompt, but my keypresses don't seem to be getting registered or seen by the OVMS board.  Is this serial interface a view only USB console interface??  Am I missing something obvious? There doesn't appear to be much out there on this topic.


Thanks in advance!

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OVMS v3.3 USB Serial Port connection settings?
Thanks.  Yep, I had already

Thanks.  Yep, I had already figured out the 115.2kbaud rate and all, guessed at 8N1 (missing from the docs), and as I mentioned I even got the "OVMS>" prompt (via USB using PuTTY with the driver), but no outbound characters were being received/recognized/displayed and not being echoed by the unit.  I tried no flow control, and a few other flow control selections to no avail.  FWIW - I started out using 300 baud modems back before the internet was "cool" -- so I've learned a thing or two about serial ports over the years.  :)  The interface was just acting oddly (output only), and I wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar.

Problem solved? (no action taken)

Not sure what might have happened, or why, but it's working now after a few reboots and having added an SD card.

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