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4G Hologram sim connecting to USCellular, but no data transmission

Two days ago I installed OVMS in a 2017 Leaf. Usage over wifi (both AP and client) works as expected, but I'm having trouble with Hologram SIM data throughput. The Hologram site shows "connected" (blue), but not "live" (green) with 0 data throughput. Cellular and GPS antennas attached.

Only side-note is that I have NOT disconnected TCU yet. I would think this wouldn't impact the cellular link from OVMS module, but I'm a newbie.

On the OVMS web status, I get this from the cellular modem panel:

MODEM Status Model: SIM7600

Network Registration: DeniedRegistration

Provider: USCellular Hologram

Signal: -77 dBm


State: NetWait

Mux: Status up

PPP: Not running

GPS: Connected on channel: #1

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If you're not getting any

If you're not getting any data transmitted, then something is wrong with your modem config; you shouldn't get a "DeniedRegistration" message.

I recommend removing the module from your car (along with the wireless antenna) and try connecting "stand-alone". That way you can check/modify the modem config verify the cellular signal (although -77 dBm should be sufficient).

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Don't forget to download the correct (v3.3) firmware

from the "edge" area

Yes, I’m on edge 3.3 2/20/2022

Thanks, I've loaded the edge 3.3 from 2/20/2022

Update: 100% SIM/Hologram related

Put the SIM in an unlocked “all carriers” Moto android phone. Sees T-Mobile, Hologram site shows “connected”, no data. I need to work this as a hologram problem. Could also be weak signal and initial registration falters (-77 to -85 dBm), but not as likely

Started workin coming home from work

it Found AT&T instead of USCellular, now working. I did not get to the level of AT commands to force find alternate carriers, but it appears to have done that on its own (recall that I put the SIM in an android phone that saw T-mobile). I will follow up in this same thread with updates. 


Any follow up here?  My problems are very similar and intermittent.  Still having trouble or is it fixed now?

Still not working most of the time

Only worked twice. I have since tried a series of AT commands without any evidence they are getting through. That could just be syntax. My plan is to dig a little deeper week after next (currently traveling/working)

Subbing for a solution to

Subbing for a solution to this as well. Exact same problems. New install on 4/1. 

Nothing for April for some reason.

March 28th was the last time I was able to get any connection hologram.

Only Wifi is working. Solar Flare maybe?

Is there a way to force it to transmit while at home (while hooked up to wifi)?


It was a solar flare;


Everything works normal now.

Mine seemed to sort itself

Mine seemed to sort itself out. I think for me it was an antenna placement issue. Once I moved it, it connected and has been working fine ever since. 

Whats your signal strength?

Whats your signal strength?

Network Registration: RegisteredRoaming

Provider: AT&T Hologram

Signal: -51 dBm

Mode: LTE, Online

State: NetMode

Mux: Status up

PPP: Connected channel #2

GPS: Connected channel #1

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