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New 4G Modem with T-Mobile SIM

I just replaced the 3G modem on my OVMS with the new 4G modem. I never tried to get the 3G working before, so this is my first go at it. I have a promotional plan for this T-Mobile data sim that makes it free, so I am motivated to use it instead of getting a Hologram SIM. T-Mobile says everything is set up on their end. This is my cellular status output:

MODEM Status

Model: SIM7600

Network Registration: DeniedRegistration

Provider: T-Mobile

Signal: -79 dBm


State: NetWait

Mux: Status up

PPP: Not running

GPS: Connected on channel: #1

On the Config Cellular page the SIM ICCID is displayed correctly, Enable IP networking is checked and I have the APN set correctly according to T-Mobile "fast.t-mobile.com". All the other fields are blank except Enable SMS and Enable GPS are checked.

Any suggestions?



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You didn't say where/how you

You didn't say where/how you got the T-Mobile SIM, so it's possible it will not work in this config (4G network, etc.).

I am using a Hologram SIM with a "special" plan that only uses the T-Mobile network with good results. Either way, I think you are going to need a new SIM card.

The T-Mobile SIM is on my

The T-Mobile SIM is on my main post-paid account with a bunch of other lines of service. It's on a "Free Data For Life" promotion that charges $10/mo for 200MB with a $10 statement credit.

Anyway, it's working most of the time, but it often goes into RegistrationDenied after rebooting the module or leaving the weak signal inside my garage. Sometimes it stays like that for a whole day. I also tested the SIM in an iPad and it worked perfectly. It started working in the OVMS after I did the iPad test. I don't know if that's related or not. If I discover that it's not registering and I need the connectivity while driving, I just turn on the tethering on my phone and the module automatically connects that way. Once the modem gets the RegisteredHome state it will remain connected until rebooted or it loses signal.

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