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FIXED! Old OVMS stopped working :(

Hello friends,

I made this registration here because I really hope, that someone can help.

After the death of the 12V battery of my twizy the OVMS (old one with SIM808) also stopped working.

I already tried to reflash the firmware without any problems, but the OVMS still won't work. With connected via RS232 and Serialconsole theres just confusing output:


The green LED blinks 10times and 9 times then red and green together 2 times.

Can you help me, please?

Best Regards...


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From the manual:

From the manual:

The OVMS module has two LED lights. When the OVMS module is connected to the car, it will go through a start-up sequence, which is reported through its LED lights as follows:

  1. A)  The RED light will come on solid and the green light will blink the module’s firmware version as a set of 3 sequences, each separated by a pause. For example, 1.2.7 will be 1 blink then a pause, then 2 blinks then a pause, then 7 blinks)

  2. B)  The GREEN light will blink out a countdown of the boot-up sequence, as follows:

    10 – Waking up the modem
    9 – Checking for presence of SIM card
    8 – Checking SIM card and lack of PIN lock
    7 – Initializing the modem
    6 – COPS initialization (trying to connect to a cellular tower) 5 – GPRS Network initialization
    4 – GPRS APN is OK (Initialization complete)
    3 – GPRS Network call is made
    2 – GSM is Ready
    1 – GPRS is Ready

    Since GPRS has not yet been configured, the first sequence will end with 2 blinks.

C) Should an error occur, the RED light will blink out an error code, as follows:

1 – Lost signal
2 – Cannot communicate with modem
3 – SIM card is missing, not inserted properly, or not detected 4 – SIM card has a PIN lock
6 – COPS GSM lock could not be obtained
7 – Error during GPRS initialization (might be temp related)
8 – GPRS Network initialization failed

Note that in case of an error, the Green light will still be blinking its state concurrently with the Red light blinking out its code. For instance, if the SIM card has a PIN lock the Green light may be blinking 8 times while the Red light may be blinking 4 times. This will look like both Red and Green blinking 4, following by Red blinking another 4 (to make 8). You may want to hide light with your finger to help you count properly.

From your description, it sounds like the communications between MCU and modem has some problem. Do you still have a 2G cellular network in your area?

Thanks, I fixed it! SIM808 was broken.

After replacing the SIM808-Modem to a "new" (good used) one, the OVMS is back in life. Happily we still do have 2G cellular. smiley


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I've got to ask: where in the

I've got to ask: where in the world do you still have 2G cellular?

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