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Cellular not working on new install

This is a new install on a 2015 Leaf. Everthing seems to be working fine except that I cannot seem to get the celluar to work, and for some reason the door lock command doesn't work either. I've tried moving the antenna around, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I have already set up my hologram account and the account says the card is set up on their network, but that they haven't yet seen the device pass data or connect to a tower. On the status screen, the Cellular Modem Data reads as follows;
MODEM Status

Model: SIM7600

Network Registration: NotRegistered


Signal: -79 dBm


State: NetWait

Mux: Status up

PPP: Not running

GPS: Connected on channel: #1


Nevermind, the cell portion is working now. I think it was a combination of an issue with hologram.io taking a while to activate the card and poor antenna placement. Still having issues with the unlock funtion though. When I sent the command to unlock the doors, it turns the HVAC system off and the doors stay locked/unlocked. 

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