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Toggling full or optimum (~80%) charging

I guess this might really be an app feature request, but is there:

1) a way to set the car to charge to only 80%/optimum life level and then set it back to 100% either through the app or through OVMS through some other means? 


2) if not possible through the app, any chance of adding this as a feature request in the app? 

I'd like to leave it as ~80% as default, but then when I'm about to make a long journey, top it up, or switch it to 100% charge prior to plugging in.


PS: just noticed this posted three times somehow. Have now deleted the other two. Apologies. 

While not a toggle, in the

While not a toggle, in the android app (and I assume also iOS) you can set the charge upper limit, by going to the features menu, and adjusting the value for feature #10 to be the desired charge limit. Set that to 80% most of the time, and when you need to you can set it to 100.


Thanks. I thought there might

Thanks. I thought there might be a 'feature' to do it, but couldn't find anything in the docs. 

Do I use "0.8" for 80%? 

Would this work when just plugging the car in and letting it start charging, or only if the command to charge is sent from the app / web app?

Have set the feature to 0.8, plugged the car in, and it's gone to 81%, so I must have got something wrong...? 

This does work when just

This does work when just plugging the car in and charging.

The number should go in as 80, not 0.8, so that may be your problem. Also, the ability for OVMS to stop the Nissan Leaf charging went into the firmware in mid January, so if you are running an older firmware that may also be why the charging doesn't turn off. And you probably need to have "Enable CAN writes" turned on.

More fine grained control of the policies for starting / stopping charging are available in the web interface, under "Nissan Leaf" -> "Battery Config". That page has a "Charge Control" section where you can set whether to to charge by SOC and/or range, and what level of drop to permit before re-activating charging (I had a problem where it would keep toggling charging on and off until I enabled the "Allowed SOC drop" option and set it to something reasonable).

Many thanks, will try that. 

Many thanks, will try that. 

I have the 7th Mar 2022 build and feature 15 CAN Writes already set to 1.

I saw the options on the web interface, but I need something that's spouse-proof and there's no way logging into the web interface is going to pass muster.

TBH, changing the features integer is probably going to be a spousal challenge, so it'd be great to have a 'optimum/80%' vs full charge toggle in the app gui.

Will this do as a polite feature request, or does it need to go on github perhaps? 

Paul Wolstenholme
Feature change request proposal

I bought my OVMS primarily for the charge limiting feature and installed it last week.  I agree that this feature fails the spouse test.

The app allows the charging to be to toggled on or off.  When off, the app correctly states that it is waiting for the car's charge timer.  Indeed, if you set the charge timer, it will toggle the charging on or off at the stated times.

The OVMS charge control, on the other hand, will repeatedly stop charging as long as the SoC remains above the target.  If I (or my spouse) turns charging on again (by toggling charge on in the app, or by pressing the car's timer override button, or by unplugging the charger and plugging it in again, or through the use of the car's charge control timer) then the OVMS code has decided that charging should immediately be turned off again.

It is fair enough for the OVMS to send a notification any time that the charger is turned on whilst the target SoC has already been attained.  I believe that in this situation it should be notify only without stopping the charging.

In the case where the charger is on and the SoC changed from below target to target reached, then that is the correct instance for the OVMS to issue a one time stop charge command.  (The implementer should consider whether deadband need be applied to the SoC reading before making the comparison with the target). 

If the OVMS charge control feature were to be changed in this way, users would have a lot of charge options available without needing to revert to the app.  For me, I do not have a daily commute so I prefer to charge to 80% asap.  If I plan to go on a long journey at 9am Saturday I could set the car's charge timer to stop charge then.  With a 6A EVSE the car will turn the charger on at about 4AM Saturday to bring the charge up from 80% to be at 100% by 9AM.

With this change, I believe the feature can pass the spouse test.

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