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No BMS info on 2013 Leaf

Hi there,

I don't get any BMS information from my 2013 leaf at the moment on OVMS. I am connecting my laptop directly to the module AP and OVMS is mostly talking to the car. I can only get SoC info if I set to a hard value rather than taking from dash. HV battery and 12v battery info comes up but I cann't get the BMS info on battery cell info.

I bought my leaf with no SD card in the satnav unit, thinking it would be easy to replace, doh! I was hoping OVMS would be able to provide some of the missing charge control, but again the OVMS charge control seems hit and miss.

The OVMS seems to go to sleep when the car ignition is off. I haven't tried putting the car into drive yet with the OVMS connected, still nervious of bricking the car

Any ideas?

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First off, the OVMS

First off, the OVMS connection can't "brick" the car.

You need an SD card if you want to use many of the center console functions (I will never understand why people take the SD card out when selling).

As for your questions:

  • You can use the newest version of firmware to do some charge stopping/starting (via values in the app), but I think the 2013 Leaf was the last MY with the ability to change between 80%/100% charging (so you shouldn't need OVMS to do this).
  • I suggest using something like LeafSpy if you want to examine BMS values and cell pair voltages (better GUI and better display).
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