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RHD vs LHD cars (enhancement request)

This isn't a major issue - mostly cosmetic

All the icons are for LHD cars, meaning that if the driver door is opened on a RHD car, the left door is shown open in diagrams

Having a RHD/LHD option which horizontally mirrors the car image would be great 



Paul Wolstenholme
The app shows my RHD Nissan

The app shows my RHD Nissan Leaf doors correctly.  If I open the right door (the driver's door) then the app shows the right door open.  Perhaps you could raise the issue for your vehicle type.

The driver's console is drawn on the wrong side of the picture.

markwj's picture
Depends on the vehicle type.

Depends on the vehicle type. Best to raise a github bug report for your specific vehicle type (mentioning firmware version).

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