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MG ZS EV (2022, Facelift) and OVMS

I have a MG ZS EV (2022, Facelift) as Standard Comfort. The car is located in Germany. I ordered an OVMS and successfully configured all things. The dexter-server is used. 

But while testing in the car, the main display (in front of the steering wheel did go out). That was spooky! 

And also only GPS location was correctly transfered to server. All other values (e.g. SOC) were 0, see

Question: Is the Firmware (3.3.002) and configuration (MG EV (UK/EU)) only possible for the "before facelift" models? Or is there another issue or setting I missed? Which log file could help?


After changing the Vehicle fromm UK/EU to TH and driving a few hundred Meters, now Speed, Pressure, Temperature, ODO etc are updated. But: Still no information (SOC, SOH, Temp) about the Battery.

I don't think anybody has

I don't think anybody has done any work on the facelift models yet. It sounds like it will need a lot of probing and coding by someone who owns one.

ABRP has support

ABRP has support and I tested it. Maybe they can help by providing a PID file. I asked here: https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/topic/3728-cant-connect-my-mg-zs-ev-2022-lr/?do=findComment&comment=12234

PID files and Model API

PID files: https://github.com/iternio/ev-obd-pids

Model-API: https://api.iternio.com/1/tlm/get_carmodels_list

-> My Model would be: "mg:zs:22:51"

Those pids are from the pre

Those pids are from the pre-facelift model. You need to get the pids from your model. I would suggest that you install Slack and join the MG EV Hackesr group and ask the question. This is where the OVMS MG EV developers converse.

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Can you share an invite code

Can you share an invite code for the slack channel?

If you want to try getting

If you want to try getting pids yourself look at this video watch.

Join me on Slack -- it’s a

Join me on Slack -- it’s a faster, simpler way to work. Sign up here, from any device: https://join.slack.com/t/mgevhackers/shared_invite/zt-kgyfpunb-bCtalXYQSMJqTzpma_3HvA

I will try out

I have OVMS and Facelift Model (ZS EV, Comfort Standard). Next week I will try to connect to the CAN Bus and follow this tutorial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RwV2e-Fg7g

Excellent. Let me know how

Excellent. Let me know how you go. Good luck.

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