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Lock command starts charging

2016 LEAF SL: When the charging cable is plugged in and timer is scheduled, sending a Lock command starts the charging.

It may happen at other times as well. But I'm noticing it when I use the Android app to remotely lock the car.

Newish to OVMS and learning as I go. Is there a misconfigured setting?

If a bug, I'm happy to provide any debug info if instructed.

Paul Wolstenholme
Lock command fails

2016 Leaf G: I'm also new to OVMS and I'm noticing issues with locking - perhaps this is related to your problem.  I would also be happy to provide debug detail if given some direction on how to obtain it.

The lock command from the app generally creates a pop-up that says OK but almost always it fails to operate the lock (or maybe the command arrives far later than expected.)  We've also experienced a number of instances where the car was unlocked after we believed we had locked it.  Some help on how to go about logging these events would be appreciated.


Perhaps it's a CAN bus issue?

I'm brand new here, don't have the hardware yet, but happen to own an older Leaf, so I was just reading the docs. There's a footnote that says the lock/unlock only works when the car CANbus is on, and that you can set it on by turning the AC on. Perhaps y'all are seeing something like that? I'm definitely interested, since reporting the lock status is one of my primary interestes in OVMS - I want to integrate into the rest of my HomeAssistant-based night-time security notifications (doors are locked, altert on motion in the garage, etc.) So, definetly want accurate reporting of lock state!

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The lock "status" is very

The lock "status" is very reliable and easy to see in the app; the problem is actually issuing a (remote) lock/un-lock command...so I just don't.

Likewise, the status here

Likewise, the status here works perfectly, but I've never had the lock/unlock command working on my 2015 UK model.

wes westhaver
I just installed my OVMS

I just installed my OVMS system in my 2013 Nissan Leaf (and disconnected the Telematics Control Unit module per the online docs) but I am not able to lock/unlock the doors via the Android App. Also I noticed thath to unlock the car doors via the keyfob I now have to click the unlock button twice?! What is going on here???

Aside from those two issues everything else seems to be ok (as far as I know.)

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