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On board antenna use?

Hi, I'm new here, with an older Leaf (2012). Was looking at the mechanics manuals for my car, considering removing the TCU, as well as adding an OVMS box. Has anyone tried reusing the car's built in GPS and celluilar antennas? THe connector pinouts are completely documented. Heck, for that matter, pull the actual TCU module and mount the OVMS in the space behind the glove box, completely stealth install. Thoughts?

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You can re-use the car's

You can re-use the car's (internal) antennas...if you can install the adaptor need to convert to SMA. While it looks easy (and the parts are cheap)...I haven't been able to successfully splice.

The good news is you still use the (inexpensive) add-on antennas and put the whole thing pretty much anywhere under your dash; I keep my OVMS module under the driver's foot-well in case I need to re-boot, etc. YMMV.

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