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Paul Wolstenholme
Vehicle has set one of its error flags (Error 15)

When charging on a public charger (in this case 50 kW, ChargeNet NZ) with charge control on sufficient SOC set, the OVMS causes the charging network to report an error when the 'Sufficient SoC' level is reached.  Charging does stop, but it is reported by the charging network operator as the following error:

Error:Vehicle has set one of its error flags (Error 15).

This suggests to me that the OVMS is initiating an action was not part of the design.  I would like to know by what reasoning should this action be an intentional part of the OVMS software design.  I believe there would have to be a very good reason for us to want the OVMS to ever issue a command that results in such an error message.

Personally I see no reason at all for OVMS charge control features to be active during fast (DC) charging at all.  The fast chargers I have experienced have all the charge control features that are needed - an 80% limit with an override option is standard and generally there is also an app for remote monitoring and control.  Allowing OVMS to mess with this process adds unwanted complexity and nil benefit.  Are there any use cases that benefit from leaving this feature in the OVMS?