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SD card and GPS not working

Hi there,

I received my OVMS (European 4G Version) a week ago from Fasttech and installed it at my e-up! via the T26A plug: https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/components/vehicle_vweup/docs/index_t26.html

I connected the GSM and GPS antennas from the car via a Fakra adapter.

Most things work as intended. But I have two problems:


1. GPS is not working.

If I enable GPS logging, these lines are written repeatedly to the log:

D (367040064) gsm-nmea: Incoming RMC: $GPRMC,,V,,,,,,,,,,N*53

D (367040064) gsm-nmea: Incoming GNS: $GNGNS,,,,,,NNN,,,,,,*1D

I tried to interchange the internal pigtails of GSM and GPS as well as my external adapter. Does not help, GPS does not work, cellular does.

The GPS antenna worked just fine with the WeConnect system from VW.


2. SD cards can't be mounted.

E (367583654) sdmmc_common: sdmmc_init_ocr: send_op_cond (1) returned 0x107

E (367583654) sdcard: mount failed: ESP_ERR_TIMEOUT

I tried two different cards, an older SanDisk 64 GB and a brand new 16 GB Samsung. Tried FAT32 and FAT16 (with shrinker partition). No change at all.

I contacted the Fasttech support for an exchange but they sent me here...

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You can raise a support

You can raise a support ticket here for help, and include 'module summary' output so we can see what is configured.

Regarding the GPS issue, what antenna are you using? Can you provide a picture of the label on it? OVMS requires an actively powered GPS antenna (3-5V) in the 1575.42MHz frequency range. Here is the standard one we use: https://www.fasttech.com/products/1230/10000001/1020200

Regarding the SD CARD issue, we use 1bit mode communications protocol to talk to the SD CARD, and shouldn't require anything special. The card should be formatted when you first insert. The error you quote is a generic message regarding unable to talk to the controller on the SD CARD.

e-up driver
Oh, i did oversee the Support

Oh, i did oversee the Support link. I will open a ticket.

Thank you smiley

I've had luck with setting

I've had luck with setting the max freq to 16k, then unmount and mount. 

config set sdcard maxfreq.khz 16000


When setting to 20k or above I get intermittent behaviour. Setting it to 16k so far has appeared stable for me. 


I forget which card it is, pulled it from my gopro max so be a fairly large and high performing one (as i'd of bought per that device requirements :D)

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