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Connectivity gaps


First of all, I've been using OVMS on my Nissan LEAF for 5 months and it generally works great.  (iOS app is just okay but that's another topic for another day.)  I've tied it in under my dash so it is nearly invisible, and routed the wires to my antenna so you can only spot them on the corner of the windshield.  Was almost proud of myself for a clean installation :)

Here's one thing I noticed though.  Not sure if anyone will have suggestions.  I don't have any problem connecting via the app most of the time.  When the car is parked beside the house in my driveway, it connects to my home wifi just fine.  When the car is away, it connects reliably over the cellular network.

I've had a few problems connecting when the car is home and think I've isolated the pattern.  When the car is parked a little further away, like the end of my driveway, it is on the edge of my wifi range.  Probably the module is trying to communicate over wifi, preferring that to cellular, but doesn't quite have the signal strength for it.  I get in the car and move it, and it soon works fine again.

I don't think I want to completely disable wifi to the module as that allows me to connect via web browser and manage the module, plus isn't that how it gets firmware updates?

Is there a way to have the module route over cellular anytime the wifi signal is weak?

Thanks for any insight.