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connection problems - react native

we're trying to connect to devices running Server v2 from a react native app.  We're having lots of problems.


Anyone have any ideas what the best connection method is?

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Best to ask on the developer

Best to ask on the developer's mailing list:


I would think that the HTTP API would be the most appropriate, combined with an Auth token that could be easily revoked.


Regards, Mark.

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Hello I am the dev that is working with this implementation


Yes, actually we can connect the app with the car to get some info like the battery status and charging status but we don need only that, the problem with the HTTP is that it does not have an API that lets us open and close the car from the app, and we need to do that.

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Probably not hard to add

Probably not hard to add those commands to the API. Best to discuss on the developer's mailing list.

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