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2023 Leaf S - Connect Options

Hi - Looking for compatibality options for our new 2023 Leaf S..

Not sure if OVMS works, but would like something to connect with my phone.

Any ideas?

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Unfortunately, the "S" trim

Unfortunately, the "S" trim has never supported telematics. In addition, OVMS doesn't generally work on the "Gen2" Leaf (2018-present)--at least not yet.

I have OVMS working pretty

I have OVMS working pretty well on my 2017 ZE1, although it required some wiring which was a bit tricky as I needed to connect directly into the two CANBUS networks which aren't available on the OBD2 port.

There's a thread here about the ZE1, and if you scroll to the bottom I did a post explaining what i did. https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/issues/323

Any further update on this?

I really want to get battery SOC into my Home Assistant instance and here in New Zealand there is no option of using the Nissan Connect api etc....
So I'd really love if someone could crack this issue and get the Leaf supported :-)

Nissan Leaf in NZ

My Leaf AZE0-2 (2016) seems to connect fine.  Where are you in NZ?  I am not using home assistant but just using App on phone/s.

TommySharpNZ is talking about

TommySharpNZ is talking about a ZE1 model which has a canbus gateway device in between the obd2 port and the can networks for improved security.

I have got mine working, but it required tapping directly into the main canbus networks with wire splices, rather than just plugging into the obd2 port.

I'm also in NZ (Tauranga)


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