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2017 Leaf SL OVMS Install

Finally got around installing my OVMS after trying to make a 4G 2018 TCU work...so close. 


One thing I am noticing is that I can power on the AC without any charging running. Is that something new? All the documentation seems to say it’s not possible on 2016/17. I left the car sitting all night and just tested again and its running. 


I did unplug the old TCU, but during testing before i pulled the car apart it was working with it plugged in too....


One issue I am trying to chase down is why the GPS location isnt working. I have read a few threads for either defects in the OVMS board/module or bad batch of GPS antenna’s. I assume i have to do some further troubleshooting to identify if there is power coming out of the connector. Will be annoying to have to pull that antenna back out again.