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Where to start

Hello Everyone, 

I'm new to this project and would like some direction, I'm looking to have just wifi connection and have a few questions.

What do I need? Kit and cables?

Do I need to host a server?

Where should I buy?

Can I have multiple wifi AP's saved?


Thank you for your help.

Need to know your vehicle to

Need to know your vehicle to suggest the right cable, but you should be able to work that out yourself by having a look at the openvehicles documentation. https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/

For wifi only, you just need the ovms v3.3 base module. I.e. https://m.fasttech.com/products/1230/10000001/9652892-ovms-v3-3-base-module-wifi-bluetooth

You don't need to host your own server. See the documentation.

The best place to buy depends on your location, see the documentation.

And yes I'm 99% sure you can enter credentials for multiple wifi ssids.

Hello, thank you for the info

Hello, thank you for the info. My car is a 2013 sv leaf. So the base unit should be good for me. Just need help with the cable.

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