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Getting iPhone get data

Hi and thanks for Ovms! 
i installed the module in my Twizy and love it so far. 
I set up an Ovms server on my Webserver and see the data coming in from my Twizy. I've set up drupal to have user/owner with proper passwords. 
Now I installed the iOS App went to the system settings and setup the server address of my Ovms server and put username and password accordingly. I do see an incoming connection when I'm using port 6869 with ssl which is through httpapi. When I'm using 6870 for ApiV2 I also see the connection being tried but it doesn't succed. It shows 'got error: ssl3_get_record: wrong version number'. In either case the App doesn't show any data. I'm using a let's encrypt cert for it. And since I do see communication from and to my Ovms-module in the Twizy on 6870 I don't believe that there's something wrong with the certificate. 
Could somebody tell me if the App should run through httpapi or apiV2 - hence port 6869 or 6870? 



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The App uses raw protocol v2.

The App uses raw protocol v2. Default port is 6867 ("OVMS" on a touch dial phone). It doesn't use SSL at all.

I guess the SSL error is from the vehicle module? In which case it is related to the certificates and CA trust.

Thanks. I'll try 6867 then.

Thanks. I'll try 6867 then. What about man in the middle attacks if I'm running over plain http? 

Thanks. It really was just

Thanks. It really was just the wrong port in the end. Now receiving data in the app. :-)

are there already plans for put methods or Mqtt messages to change the charging power?

BTW, could you give me a

BTW, could you give me a pointer to the source code for the implementation of 

  • PUT /api/charge/<VEHICLEID> Set vehicle charge status

I would like to use it to scale the charging with my PV overproduction.

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