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Data usage?

I just finished installing my setup and want to get a sim module now but I'm curious how much data does it use per month so I can estimate the cost?

I can't comment on usage, but

I can't comment on usage, but just general tip. 


Shop around and you may find some providers which offer a specific 'sim in car' prepaid offer. For example, here allot of operators only off 30 days to use whatever data plan you buy. But one operator offered 10Gb with 1 year to consume for 25 USD.  This is way way more than OVMS needs(I think), but overall a very cheap approach.  


The hologram sim that came with it I felt was too expensive for what I would use it for, it's an IoT offering. My car is not going to be traveling internationally, a prepaid sim in my country with the 'sim in car' offering felt the cheapest/best piece of mind:) 

The advantage with an IOT sim

The advantage with an IOT sim (for me) is that it is able to connect to multiple networks, so should have better coverage in more situations.

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Data Usage ANSWER

The answer to the OP's question: between 30-60 Mb per month.

I use a Hologram SIM with a plan tied to the T-Mobile network; there is no need for "special SIMs".

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30-60MB per month is way too

30-60MB per month is way too high. Should be 1-2MB.

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Not for me

Maybe for you, but my data usage is 1-2 Mb per day. Note: this is a 4G modem.

There are bulk plans cheap enough to accomodate even more than my usage.

I just did some comparing and

I just did some comparing and I used 5MB last month on server V2, and this month with server v3 running I am averaging about 5MB per day.

I just added another wifi access point to give good coverage in my driveway, so I expect the usage would drop a bit from now on.

I use a Things Mobile simcard which costs US$2 per month plus US$0.02 per MB.

Thank you guys for the

Thank you guys for the response, sorry I have been away for a while.

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