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Vehicle "Flatbed" notifications - EXTREME spamminess

We're way past "crying wolf" at this point! {{laughing emoji}}

The GPS position is always accurate. The car's status, though, is not. The car is on, "run", driving, and it sends "flatbed" notifications whenever it moves. Sometimes, multiple times.

The vehicle is mostly driven by my friend/housemate and I really just have OVMS for battery/charge status monitoring, and in case (heaven forbid) it's stolen.

Whenever the housemate is at work, the car is parked on the roof of a parking garage -- I visited it once while it was pinging me literally every 15 minutes (all day), and saw it - on the roof, with the clearest possible view of the sky, and an accurate GPS pinpoint on the map -- it never moved. It was always in the same place, every time the notificiation was sent.

So, we're past "change the sensitivity setting", and deeper into: why isn't it registering the vehicle "drive"/run state? (It does send me "vehicle is on/idling" notifications, spammy, whenever it's charging, for example). Maybe it's maintaining its "last-in-run" position somewhere else, and that's why it keeps sending spams every 15 minutes on a timer?

This has been happening pretty much every day now, and it's prompted me to finally post about it, as I've tried diagnosing it on my own and can't even find any options to disable these notifications in the app -- let alone any settings for them.

Vehicle is a 2018 Smart EV (Smart ED/EQ 4.gen). If someone can point me to the architecture of where these status elements are pulled-from the CAN data (I wasn't able to find anything useful when I went browsing the source), I might be able to contribute something useful here :)

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Vehicle "Flatbed" notifications - EXTREME spamminess

If the module doesn't know the vehicle is driving it will assume it's transported when coordinates change. Debugging the missing status detection is crucial.

If all data updates stop at some point, maybe you've got a CAN bus issue. Check your cabling, check the CAN status, try restarting the CAN bus if frozen, finally try rebooting.

You should also try the latest "eap" or "edge" release, that has some improvements on GPS processing. It also adds a new configuration option for the alarm interval:

  New configs:
    [vehicle] flatbed.alarminterval     -- in minutes, default 15, 0 = single alarm

If you really want to disable the alert, you need to do so at the module, see:


Nah, data is fine (except

Nah, data is fine (except cellular connectivity - an ongoing challenge possibly due to 3G sunset changing the way AT+CREG is responded-to, it seems). CAN data is always good. Battery stats have never been wrong/stale that I know of.

I've been on the "edge" release for about a month now while we've been debugging the cellular issues (it's offline again now, though I know it has a perfectly clear cell signal and is in-session with the carrier, with 0 data - indicative of a firmware issue again).

So, what could I do to diagnose status detection? I imagine I should get an SD card in there and configure some long-term logging...

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except cellular connectivity

Regarding the cellular issue: which modem do you have? Can you please copy an example of your CREG etc. responses from the log?

If the other CAN data isn't stale, that's most likely an issue with the Smart adapter. You should get in contact with the developers / maintainers of that module.

See https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/blob/master/vehicle/OVMS.V3/components/vehicle_smarteq/src/vehicle_smarteq.cpp

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