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Martin Hogart
[FIXED][SIM5360E module] GSM modem and GPS stopped working

Hardware: OVMS v3.2, the date of production (as printed on PCM board): 2021.03.25.

About a month ago GSM and GPS suddenly stopped working.

Software info:
  Version:  3.3.002/ota_1/main (build idf v3.3.4-848-g1ff5e24b1b Mar  7 2022 07:33:16)
  Hardware: OVMS WIFI BLE BT cores=2 rev=ESP32/1; MODEM SIM5360

The symptoms of failure

1. No GPS lock.

2. No GSM modem connection - the modem is at endless PowerringOn state:

MODEM Status
  Model: SIM5360
  Network Registration: Unknown
    Signal: 0 dBm
  State: PoweredOn
    Ticker: 22
    User Data: 0
    State Timeout Goto: PoweringOn (in 8 seconds)
  Mux: Not running
  PPP: Not running
  GPS: Not running

The Solution

After some tests I have managed to get the device to function properly again. The procedure was as follows:

  1. Dismount the plastic case to get to the PCM board.
  2. Apply power to the main PCM board using MicroUSB connector.
  3. Reset SIM5360E expansion card by long pressing (ie. about 5-10 seconds) S1 button placed on the top of the SIM.com card.
  4. Reeply power and see modem working and GPS obtaining a lock.

Final note

My suspion is that there is not enough power delivered over OBDII, so I connected MicroUSB cable permanently (eventually using PowerBank).