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Forum usage problems

Has this forum software a problem ?  

I always need to use the 'forgot password' to myself to log in here, cause every time I save my password I can't use the password the next time I try to log in.  I'm using a password manager but also tried storing the password locally and changing the password to the just previously set one - always fails to store it.

Creating a forum entry or editing it will take ages and then times out with 'request timed out' . Once I created multiple entries cause I thought the server had a problem just to see the same entry being three times created even though it stated 'timed out'.

I'm using either iOS, macOS Safari , Technology Preview of Safari and neither of the three seems to work.

Is it just me ?



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Forum usage problems

The forum software isn't very good, that's a known issue.

Don't submit multiple times, the first one always succeeds, despite any timeouts or error messages you may see.

After submit, just keep the window/tab open until hitting the timeout/error. To meanwhile browse other topics, open a new window/tab.

I don't think your password issue is forum related though, don't have that here.


Yes, I seem to have three

Yes, I seem to have three copies of my post. It kept saying the CAPTA was wrong.

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Ok, that with the forum

Ok, that with the forum submitting comments hang, I can live with.

But if you change your password you can log in with the new password later ?


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