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Incorrect/Inconsistent Charging State (Kia Soul EV 30KWh)


I just recently acquired an OVMS module and installed it on my Kia Soul EV (2017), 30KWh version.

Yesterday I charged the car for the first time after installing OVMS module. The module was reporting the car charing state as "stopped" when in fact it was being charged.

This morning, after waking up, I could see it was indicating that the state was now charging and after a while it changed to "topping off", once it got near to 100%.

After a while I disabled my Shelly 4PM switch, effectively removing power from the wall charger, but the module still reports "topping off"...

Any advice or hints?


"Standard - Topping off 235.0V/6.9A 20.1km/h Charged: 1.1kWh SOC: 100.0% Ideal range: 221km Est. range: 254km ODO: 33353.8km CAC: 40.5Ah SOH: 60%"

"Hardware: OVMS WIFI BLE BT cores=2 rev=ESP32/3; MODEM SIM7600 Firmware: 3.3.003-50-g6ef146d3/ota_0/edge (build idf v3.3.4-849-g6e214dc335 Oct 31 2022 20:24:40) Running partition: ota_0 Boot partition: ota_0 Factory image: 3.3.001-33-g58d01654 OTA_O image: 3.3.003-50-g6ef146d3 OTA_1 image: 3.3.003-49-g4087f603 "


EDIT: Rebooting solves the issue.

EDIT 2: I also don't understand why there's such a fluctuation in SOH values... Either OVMS shows 60% or 110% (I believe more the later given the car is brand new and has very little ammount of kilometers...)

EDIT 3: Opened a support ticket.


So, this continues to be

So, this continues to be exactly the same.

Up until recently I could see the battery percentage increasing, but charging status would not change unless if I reboot the module, or eventually (I think I have seen the behavior once) after many hours of being in that state.

And now with version 130 of edge firmware, I no longer have any SOC information... I can see comms and other data points arriving into Dexter service, but SOC is blank.

Any advice?

Checking BMS vis Shell

Checking BMS vis Shell outputs:

"No BMS status data available"

Here is module summary:

module summary
OVMS MODULE SUMMARY Module Version: 3.3.003-130-gb63e0db7/ota_1/edge (build idf v3.3.4-849-g6e214dc335 Nov 23 2022 22:00:23) Hardware: OVMS WIFI BLE BT cores=2 rev=ESP32/3; MODEM SIM7600 12v: 12.4v MODEM Status Model: SIM7600 Network Registration: RegisteredHome Provider: NOS NOS Signal: -65 dBm Mode: LTE;Online State: NetMode Ticker: 4502 User Data: 0 UART: FIFO overflows: 0 Buffer overflows: 0 Parity errors: 0 Frame errors: 0 Driver Buffer overflows: 0 Mux: Status up Open Channels: 4 Framing Errors: 0 RX frames: 8928 TX frames: 551 Last RX frame: 0 sec(s) ago PPP: Connected on channel: #2 GPS: Connected on channel: #1 Status: enabled Time: enabled Configuration [auto] dbc: no egpio: no ext12v: no init: yes modem: yes obd2ecu: ota: yes scripting: yes server.v2: yes server.v3: no vehicle.type: KS wifi.mode: client wifi.ssid.ap: ANVASCON-Kia-Soul-EV wifi.ssid.client: Phantomws - IoT [can] [dbc] [egpio] monitor.ports: [http.plugin] [http.server] [locations] [log] [modem] apn: hologram apn.password: apn.user: enable.gps: yes enable.gpstime: yes enable.net: yes enable.sms: yes pincode: [module] cfgversion: 2020053100 init: done [network] dns: [notify] [obd2ecu] [obd2ecu.map] [ota] auto.allow.modem: no auto.hour: 2 http.mru: https://ovms.dexters-web.de/firmware/ota/v3.3/edge/ovms3.bin server: https://ovms.dexters-web.de/firmware/ota tag: edge [password] module: **redacted** pin: **redacted** server.v2: **redacted** [plugin] [plugin.disabled] [plugin.enabled] [plugin.repos] [power] 12v_shutdown_delay: 5 enabled: yes modemoff_delay: 48 wifioff_delay: 72 [pushover] [sdcard] maxfreq.khz: 20000 [server.v2] server: ovms.dexters-web.de tls: yes [server.v3] [ssh.info] fingerprint: Vxc/6D0WYRvV8KzCvgrgbkJEUgXJP5LlIYEG0dx1yLY [ssh.keys] [ssh.server] key: **redacted** [system.adc] factor12v: 195.7 [tpms] [usr] [vehicle] 12v.alert: 12v.ref: bms.alerts.enabled: no id: ANVASCON-Kia-Soul-EV name: timezone: timezone_region: -Custom- units.distance: K [wifi.ap] ANVASCON-Kia-Soul-EV: **redacted** [wifi.ssid] Phantomws - IoT: **redacted** [xks] canwrite: yes cap_act_kwh: maxrange: 230 remote_charge_port: yes suffrange: 0 suffsoc: 80 REPORT ENDS



Parked the car in the garage,

Parked the car in the garage, where I have WiFi, and data started showing again... I don't think it's related, but... I really don't have an explanation. I could communicate with the module via LTE after I reboot it manually (unplug/plug), but BMS was showing not data. I've updated to 156 in the meantime.

Generally speaking, I would appreciate some guidance on how to troubleshoot these comms issues between OVMS and Kia Soul EV. I am not OBD2 expert, but I will try my best to collect the needed data and conduct some research.

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