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OVMS V3.2 compatibility with Renault Zoé Phase 2


Would a v3.2 OVMS module (which I previously used very happily with my Twizy - now sold) be usable with a Renault Zoé Phase 2 (just purchased) ?

The Read The Docs "Vehicle Type: RZ2O" mentions V3.3 for the Zoe Phase 2, but I'm wondering if this just means it has not been tested with V3.2. If not useable with the V3.2, would retrofitting the newer 4G modem onto the V3.2 module be a work around, or are there further V3.3 changes that are absolutely required for the RZ2O vehicle type ?

Many thanks for your help !

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OVMS V3.2 compatibility with Renault Zoé Phase 2

Up to now, every V3 firmware revision released works on all V3 hardware revisions released.

Hardware V3.3 was mostly fixes on the main board side, the real news was the 4G modem.

Summary of changes in hardware version v3.3:

  • Main Board:
    • Silkscreen label “OVMS V3.3” (with date of production batch)
    • Change to improved internal antenna cables for GSM and GPS
    • Strengthen soldering on micro USB connector
    • Strengthen soldering on power supply capacitors
    • WROVER module to use revision 3 ESP32
    • Add 0.1uF capacitor to 12v measuring voltage divider ADC input
  • Modem Board:
    • Silkscreen label “OVMS MDM V3.3” (with date of production batch)
    • Add support for SIM7600 module (4G)
    • Fixed DTR support
    • Improve/check voltage regulator and capacitor protection
    • Reduce brightness of blue LED by at least 50%
    • Airplane mode pin fix (working ok now, but safer to pull up/down properly)
    • Confirm PWRKEY circuit tuning
  • Enclosure
    • Product label - just one label with CE and FCC certification for global use
Many thanks @dexter for the

Many thanks @dexter for the info ! I'll therefore give the V3.2 a try in the Zoé :)

It was released yesterday in

It was released yesterday in 3.3.004:

- Renault Zoe Phase 2: Initial support



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