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Cellular connection stops working

I have been using my OVMS module on my 2016 Leaf for a couple of months now and it has been working good for the most part.
But a few times a week my cellular modem stops working, it seems to happen randomly but it always shows the same status.

When this error occurs I need to connect via wifi and then manually reboot module and then start cellular modem.
After this then it works for a day or sometimes a few days.
I always park at the same place at work where I usually find it has stopped working, cellular connection at this place is not bad.
I'm using the included antenna and have it mounted on top of the dash close to drivers window.
Anyone know what is causing this and is there something that can be done so it at least restarts itself?
Here is how it looks right after reboot and startup.

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What city?

What city are you in? It looks like it reverts to 3G (not 4G) when it "dies". Since (I assume) 3G has been shutdown in your area, it can't reconnect. I suppose the real question is: why is it reverting to 3G? Don't know if there is a "forced" setting for this.

I'm in Sweden and in this

I'm in Sweden and in this area we actually have both 2G and 3G still working.
I was just looking at covarage maps and it show good or great reception on 4G as well.
Could this still be a problem if it's switching between modes?

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Your screenshot shows the

Your screenshot shows the modem powered OFF. Do you have it set to auto-start?

I did not have this box was

I did not have this box enabled: Config>Autostart>Start modem
Guessing that is what you meant?
It has been way better for the last couple weeks, only change is that I did enable GPS.
Not sure if that should have any kind of impact though.

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If that is not enabled, then

If that is not enabled, then the modem will not start automatically on power up.

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