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What to get?

Can anyone help me, what bits do I need to purchase from:


In order to start exploring my Peugeot e-208 ?


I want to see if I can detect signal indicators, lights on / off, reverse, hazard indicators.


Thank you,



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From the OVMS point of view,

From the OVMS point of view, just a base wifi module. You can get modem + gps antenna + gsm antenna if you think useful in the future, but not necessary for initial investigation.

You will also need a vehicle specific cable, but that will depend on the vehicle CAN bus arrangement. Based on this post:


pin 1 + 12v after power
pin 3 can high Peugeot
pin 4 body ground
pin 5 electro ground
pin 6 can high standard
pîn 8 can low Peugeot
pin 14 can low standard
pin 16 + 12v OBD

Although I haven't confirmed it myself, that seems to match one of Peugot's standard pinouts (https://pinoutguide.com/CarElectronics/peugeot_obd_ii_diag_pinout.shtml), and suggests you need pins 3+8 for Peugot CAN, and 6+14 for standard CAN. None of the standard OVMS cables have that arrangement. Probably the simplest is to get a standard OVMS cable (OB-L, or OB-R) cut it in two and re-arrange the wires in the centre yourself. Alternatively, get an OBDII pigtail and solder up the DB9 end yourself.

Happy hunting.

Regards, Mark.

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Thank you Mark,  I have a

Thank you Mark,  I have a couple of ODBII cables I can cut and play around with.  Does the OVMS come with everything I need to investigage?

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Does the OVMS come with

Does the OVMS come with everything I need to investigage?

Yes, the base OVMS (and firmware) includes tools to connect to up to 3 can buses, log traffic, inject traffic, and do reverse engineering.

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Thank you, when I get some

Thank you, when I get some funds I will purchase.



Would you be willing to share any discoveries you make?

I really hope someone is able to add the e208 to the compatible cars on the GitHub. 

The Car Scanner-app is compatible with the e208. Maybe someone with more experience is able to also implement it for OVMS.


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