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Disappointed about the OVMS module and charging handling

The norwegian goverment have introduced a power peak fee. That means if my hot water heater is turning on, and some oven is also on, I need to reduce my charging power, and restart it later. This is working very good at the moment. 

But OVMS cant handle it! When I stop the charging (its controlled from the charging box), ovms reports charging finished, even at 35% SOC. When I 1-2 hours later restart the charging it reports on the event topic 'charging.done' and 'charging.preparing', but still the charging topic and so on are still reporting off. 

I've tried to publish a message on the active topic, and OVMS reports back that 1 peer is connected and also the event topic is saying "app.connected", but still it doesnt give me the charging info. The 12V battery is at >14V, and then the software should know that something is going on. Either the car is actually ON, or its charging, its never at that high voltage when idling/sleep. 

Sorry to say, but after spending 300$/245£ on this module, and a couple of hours to get it to work with my home automation I must say that I'm a bit disapointed by the software, and what it seems like this have been a problem for many years, and no one is caring to fix it. (Yes, I know its an open-source project and anyone can contribute but still its priced like a fully working module)

At least i'm getting my SOC every 600 seconds, so that will work...

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I'm also disappointed by OVMS

I'm also disappointed by OVMS module, it's draining my 12V battery (but I also know that the battery is very tyred after 4 years and some deep discharges, but without OVMS, there is no aux battery drain issue)

And it seems that the forum is not followed by any expert or experimented user... Nowadays there is no need of such modules which are already integrated by OEMs.

I think I will go back to the previous solution I was using: EVnotify with an old phone and some Tasker automation scripts.

Yes, it isn't brilliant, but

Yes, it isn't brilliant, but I like it because it allows me to do things that I would personally not be able to do it by myself, and that my car doesn't provide an option for natively.

I had similar problems (and still do) with charging info not updating properly. Documented here: https://www.openvehicles.com/node/3443.

What I basically do today is use a bunch of external indicators (i.e. Shelly DIN current value >= 1700w, car is parked, connected to WiFi in the garage, etc.) to do a "module reset" and afterwards the OVMS module detects that the car is indeed charging. Go figure why it only does so after a restart...

To overcome a lot of the instability of the module, like using comms and also the incosistency of detecting charging state, I've started using more and more Home Assistant and Node RED to just do what I want it to do. In the future I will explore some javascript to offload some of these things into the module itself, although I am not 100% confident on doing so... :/



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