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Kia Soul EV (30KWh) - Module keeps loosing comms - hard reset required

I haven't found a pattern or a reason for my module to consistently stop working either after few hours or day(s).

1. Car is used every day

2. It is a new battery, given the module toasted the previous on (PWM and battery reading did not work as expected based on my observation)

3. Battery measurements were done and PWM is enabled (4 hours disconnects GSM, 8 hours disconnects WiFi)

4. Have done a factory reset at both partitions

5. Running edge firmware

Last "hang" simply happen after finishing to charge the vehicle.

I have an automation where it stops charging (Shelly DIN) when it hits almost 80%.

Module stopped reporting immediately afterwards, because 80% is what I have as last measurement in Home Assistant.

Module reliability, IMHO and experience, is really taking my will to continue using OVMS.

Please assist me in troubleshooting this and understanding why.



Hey all,

Hey all,

I could consistently, via my testing, point the issue with the module not coming back to "life" (meaning no communications) after the power management decided (based on the configured value of hours to turn off LTE and WiFi, in order to save battery), to never come back again even after the card was either put on charge or turn on for driving.

I have disabled the option to turn the modules of WiFi and LTE after x hours, and since then I never lost comms again.


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