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Door lock/unlock functionnality


I'm not able to use the doors lock/unlock functionnality.

It ask me for a PIN code. I did not set any PIN code, so I leave the field empty. And click OK.

I'm getting the message: Lock : Failed (translated from french, maybe different on your language).

Is the PIN code mandatory? I'm looking where I can set it but I can't remember where it was...


An other question: I see that this forum is not used a lot. Maybe people uses the github repo issues section? I think this would be for developpers...



I see you've gotten no

I see you've gotten no response for this question yet. I just got my module installed and needed to "enable CAN writes" for any action to be taken towards the car. You find it under vehicle features in the modules web page. I got another related problem though. When I unlock the car the alarm is still active, so if I open a door the alarm gets triggered.

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