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MG ZS EV 2020 - charging challenges


I've had my MG ZS 2020 for around a year and the OVMS module installed since June/July 2021.

I've had a couple of issues with the car not releasing the charging cable that would appear to be linked to the OVMS module. Process; (1) unlock the car. The charge port doesn't release. (2) Disconnect the OBDII connector for the OVMS module and plug it back in (3) Lock and unlock the car. The charging port releases.

The car had an issue with charging around 6 months ago: it looked like only the 12v electrics would come on after a period of charging. Central locking, wipers, windows and illuminated buttons on the dashboard worked but the charging lead wouldn't release. None of the screens inside the car would illuminate. Unplugging the OBDII port didn't help the only way was to power cycle the power supply which on occasion had me pushing the stop button on public charging points.

I have no idea if these two issues are related. The latter was resolved after the car lived at a dealership for 3 weeks while they tried to update the software/firmware on the car.

Is this the 'zombie mode' mentioned on the model speciffic page? 

Is there any troubleshooting that I should be doing?

Or do I need to live with the issue?