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OVMS and obd2 diagnostic tool


It is possible to use OVMS with diagnostic software tools such as: DDL4All ? if so, how to configure the OVMS ?

Thanks for help.

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OVMS and obd2 software tools

Not currently.

The OVMS aims at implementing diagnostics itself, to be able to do these autonomously. In theory you could extend the OVMS by e.g. an ELM327 command interface emulation, so the tools can use their ELM327 drivers. But that is on no todo list. You can try to find some developer willing to implement that.

Btw, DDT4ALL could also be ported to the OVMS, as it's open source. That could then fully run on the module, providing a web user interface. Would probably be about the same effort as implementing an ELM327 emulation.

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