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Will OVMS get my "Destinations by Google" working?

Sorry if this was answered but I can't find it.. I have a 2018 Leaf. Destinations by Google on the GPS no longer works, thanks to 3G.

If I add OVMS, which obviously 'adds' a 4G module, will Destinations by Google magically work? I'm sort of guessing NOT, but was hoping maybe somehow the 4G unit interfaces with the car or .... something LOL and it would work.


Thanks :) 

No the 4G on the OVMS box is

No the 4G on the OVMS box is only for remote access to the OVMS. What you're wanting is to replace the 3G modem in the 2018 Nissan leaf and that's not going to happen. If your 2018 supports Android Auto, why not use that feature?

I'd have to see if it

I'd have to see if it supports Android Auto. Not sure.

I had android auto (wireless) on another vehicle, and it was buggy as youknowwhat. 

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