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wes westhaver
Got my OVMS installed... Yay!

Well, I've had the OVMS system in my wife's 2013 Nissan Leaf SV since last year with wires running all over the place. It has worked well. Fortunately my wife is a patient soul and didn't complain about the unfinished project. The weather finally warmed up and I got a chance to properly install the system. I removed the Nissan LEAF's charging light indicator panel from the top of the dash and modified it slightly with one notch and one hole for the antenna cables. I was able to then fish the two antenna cables down to the glove box area. I also fished the OBD cable from the driver's side OBD port over to the glove box area. The OVMS module found a home under the glove box and above the kick panel. So now everything is tidy and out of sight. The GPS and Cell antennas look right at home at the front/center of the dash.

Thanks to @Stanton for answering some of my initial questions about getting everything I needed for my OVMS installation.


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wes westhaver, hi. I have an

wes westhaver, hi. I have an off-topic question for you. what version of ipod do you use with your nissan leaf? how did you connect it to the car? Thank you.

wes westhaver
I have an old iPod Nano

I have an old iPod Nano (6th Generation) like this in the car.

It is connected to the car with the USB cable Apple provided for syncing with a PC. The iPod is plugged into the USB port on the left hand side of the center console and the LEAF head unit reads it as a USB device. It works great.


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