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Send "module sleep" to wait until car turn on?


Is there a way to use "module sleep" to send a sleep command to wait for the car to turn on?

In essence, alike the "12v battery protection" option. Unfortunately I did not have a good experience with that option, since the module would not resume.


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Send "module sleep" to wait until car turn on?

You can currently only schedule a wakeup by time, but not by CAN activity.

OVMS# module sleep ?
Usage: module sleep [weekday|YYYY-mm-dd] [HH:MM[:SS]] | <seconds>
Shutdown all components and enter deep sleep for a time span or until a specific time.
Day defaults to today. Weekdays set the next matching day and may be abbreviated.
Time defaults to 00:00 and is expected in local time. A past time today sets that time tomorrow.
Wakeup time needs to be set at least 60 seconds from now.
Actual wakeup is scheduled 15 seconds before the time set to accomodate boot time.
Note: the ESP32 internal clock isn't precise and has a temperature depending drift,
so expect random deviations in both directions on long sleep periods.
 - sleep for 30 minutes: module sleep 1800
 - sleep until monday 6:30: module sleep monday 06:30

Another option is to disable power consuming subsystems (e.g. GPS, Wifi AP mode) while parking. You can do so by using event scripts.

For the power management module to work properly, your car adaptor needs to fully support the 12V charge events.


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