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Logging just GPS track to SD card

Hi everybody,

I am still new to the OVMS and maybe my expectation is completely wrong, but I thought it would be possible to use the logging feature provided in the "installation web UI" (the one you connect to set the unit up initially) to just get a simple GPS log only.

I have read the documentation regarding that feature and it seems to be purely (?) for debugging reasons, but not for things like writing a GPS log of any trip the vehicle goes on.

But I hope that maybe another way (e.g. scripting) exists to simply log the GPS data (longitude, latitude & altitude) for example very second while the vehicle is awake. I would append the log to a file on the SD card maybe once a minute to keep write cycles rather low.

I am not sure what would be the best way to go for this obviously pretty rare request (didn't find anything similar by searching the forum) and therefore hope that someone can give me a hint.

Thanks for any help in advance! :)

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I suspect that the simplest

I suspect that the simplest approach would be to use the javascript to hook into the timer, read the metrics for position, and write to a file. Certainly nothing like that as standard in the current firmware (although it might be an interesting feature).


Thanks for the hint - I did already think in that direction.

I will dig deeper into scripting and will provide my script here as soon as I have figured it out and got a working GPS log.

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