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Module pp3 has IP address and doesn't connect to cell network

I've noticed my LEAF will occasionally get into a state where things work just fine on Wifi, but once the car leaves Wifi I lose ability to communicate with it. At least a couple of times when I've taken a look at things while in this state, I've noticed that the pp3 interface is messed up.


OVMS# network status

Interface#3: pp3 (ifup=1 linkup=0)

  IPv4: gateway


MODEM Status

Model: SIM7600

Network Registration: NotRegistered

Provider: T-Mobile Hologram

Signal: -71 dBm

Mode: LTE,Online

State: NetWait

Mux: Status up

PPP: Not connected

Last Error: User Interrupt

GPS: Connected on channel: #1

So the interface is up, but it does not have a valid IP address. From Hologram webpage, it says:

Ready Status

This device is activate and has access to the Hologram network. It is not currently tranmitting data.

If I manually stop and start the Cellular Modem, I get a valid IP address, linkup=1, Network Registration=RegisteredRoaming, State=NetMode, PPP=Connected. Also, Hologram status goes form "Ready" to "Connected."


Is there any code to detect this case and restart the Cellular Modem?

If not, can I get a pointer to where in the code this could be added? I'm willing to take a look.

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Module pp3 has IP address

The code to detect this case is here…


…assuming it was a PPP disconnect, which you should assert first by enabling logging and analyzing the next occurrence.


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