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Stops sending data to app

Hi All, 

My OVMS won't stay installed in January 2019 and worked great until sometime in 2021, it stopped staying connected to cellular. I thought the issue was 3G->4G, but having same issue after upgrading to 4G. I checked hologram.io(cellular provider) and I still have credit in my account. Additionally, hologram says its connected to the cellular modem, but the OVMS app says not connected. The only way to temporarily fix it is to power cycle the device. It will start sending data to the app for a short period of time and then stop again. Any ideas on how to fix it? 

Same problem here

I installed OVMS this past spring. Have had the same problem all along. Much effort has been put into resolving this issue with little result. Upgraded from 3G to 4G, changed providers from T-Mobile to Hologram. The connection to Hologram is always good but the connection to server is short lived. It always reconnects by re-booting OVMS. Any help would be appreciated.

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Stops sending data to app

This sounds like the cellular modem driver not recognizing a connection loss or failing to do the reconnect after a loss.

Try to gather more information on when & how this happens.

  1. Verify it's not related to the module booking into some Wifi AP without internet access.
  2. Capture logs to SD, with log level verbose for component "cellular".
  3. When the issue occurs, capture the output of command "cellular status debug". Watch the log output to see if the cellular driver tries to reconnect or logs anything abnormal.
  4. If the command output shows "State: NetMode", try "cellular setstate NetLoss" (= force a reconnect) and see if that recovers the connection (may take some minutes, watch the log output in the console).
  5. If forcing the state change doesn't help, try power cycling only the modem: do "power cellular off", wait for the log output to show "cellular: State: Enter PoweredOff state", then do "power cellular on" and see if the NetMode state & PPP connection are reached.

Post related captured command outputs and log parts.


Thanks for your response. I

Thanks for your response. I am away from the car until the end of the month. Will try your suggestions then.

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