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No data for 3+ Days

I've had my OVMS installed for over three years without many issues. (MG ZS EV)

However, the unit seems to have fallen off the internet three days ago. I've checked my Hologram sim balance and that's okay. I've reseated the OBD connector as that type of power reset has helped before. 

On Oct 10th firmware 3.3.003-566 was installed OTA. 

I had charging stopped/start message on 11th & 12th Oct, but nothing since. 

It doesn't seem to have connected to my home wifi, as historically I can connect via my browser to the unit via it's IP address.

I'm not sure what steps to try next to talk to the unit.

No data for 3+ Days


If you have the OVMS Module Hotspot turned on, you con connect a computer, tablet, or phone WiFi to that and then go to

Otherwise you can connect a computer to the OVMS via USB: https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/userguide/console.html and use the USB Console.

You can check the status of the module WiFi with the wifi command. The address may have changed.

Check which partition you are on ota_0 or ota1 using the ota command.

Then reboot from the other one:


ota boot ota_0


ota boot ota_1

module reset

Hope this helps

@Greypeter - thanks. It looks

@Greypeter - thanks. It looks like it's crashed a done a complete factory reset. 

I'm able to connect to the device and the Wifi name had been reset to OVMS. I'll now have to read up on how to configure the device as it's been working for almost three years without issue :-(


@smiithgt, sounds about right

@smiithgt, sounds about right. Makes you wonder why after 3+ years. Hopefully you will get another 3+ years without incident after you get it setup again.

I am having a similar problem

I am having a similar problem...

My greatest uptime has been 90 days and module locks up.

Inaccessible by wifi. 

After a reboot it works fine. Rebooting every 7, 10, 15 or 90 days is painful.

and cannot be done while I am away for extended periods.

Can anything be checked on the server side???

Thank You,           Shawn

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