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Send SOC with MQTT directly to OpenWB


I have three cars with OVMS and right now I'm sending the SOC with HTTP https://openwb.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=861

The OpenWB can also handle SOC-information when sending it with MQTT "openWB/set/lp/1/%Soc"

Question: Is there a way to send the SOC with the v3-Server from the OVMS "ovms//ROT-ER12E/metric/v/b/soc" directly to "openWB/set/lp/1/%Soc" ?

What I tried is: using a "Node Red" in the middle - that works. But it would be more safe, if I can do it without that Node Red.

Sorry for my amateur question, but I could well imagine that someone with knowledge could easily answer my question.


Best regards







I don't know of a way to

I don't know of a way to configure OVMS to do that, and I suspect it isn't possible.

Using node-red or some other intermediary is probably a good move (I would have chosen Telegraf). Another possibility would be to configure your MQTT server to replicate one topic to another.

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