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Charge Time Prediction

Hi there,

I have an OVMS since some time and am now integrating that very helpful device into openhab.
Since I currently get all of my data directly via wifi and I do not want to stress the openvehicles/dexters-web server:

Is there a way to get the charge time prediction from the OVMS device?
The information is contained on the status OVMS page for both 80% and 100% SoC.

Currently I am running scripts in /store/scripts/lib/ to retrieve the values I need, e.g. v.b.soc, v.b.12v.voltage or v.e.temp.

I would be happy if I could get that info directly from the OVMS device.

Thanks a lot for your support,

Found the answer myself, as

Found the answer myself, as the data is contained in the standard metrics: https://docs.openvehicles.com/en/latest/userguide/metrics.html
I was searching in the BEV-specific ones :-)

v.c.duration.full -> Estimated time remaing for full charge
v.c.duration.soc ->… for sufficient SOC



Are you just displaying that

Are you just displaying that information on an OpenHAB dashboard display? Just curious. I don't use OpenHAB but since it's free/opensource, it would be an option to add to my house.

Hi Bruce, I am currently

Hi Bruce, I am currently displaying that information only. As the input from OVMS is in "minutes", I additionally calculate the "endtime", which is more convenient.

In the future, I would like to be able to define a target time for departure (when the car should be finished with charging), so that I can maximise the PV-usage automatically.



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