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Microphone not working - 2016 Nissan Leaf SL (AZE0-1 Model)


I've been using the OVMS module and it's been working great.  Everything works as it should except for one thing, the microphone.  After unplugging the TCU, the microphone no longer works.  If I re-plug the TCU, the microphone works fine again.  I have a Nissan Leaf 2016 (AZE0-1 model) where the TCU needs to be unplugged if I want to use the remote climate control.  I've read around and it appears the microphone issue does not exist on the AZE0-2 model as these models Nissan moved the TCU "from the EV CAN bus to the CAR CAN bus".

Has the microphone bug been fixed on the AZE0-1 models...or is planned on being fixed?  Right now there's a bit of a trade-off between having the microphone working or a having the remote climate control working.  Both are really nice conveniences, especially in Canada.

If there's no planned fixed, is there anything I can do?  Perhaps remove the offending wire(s) from the TCU wire harness that is affecting the microphone or remote climate control?

I know this been mentioned in other posts such as : https://www.openvehicles.com/node/3054 where the voice recognition is the issue but it seems like the microphone in general is the problem.  I can make and receive calls.  However, I can hear the individual on the other end of the call but they cannot hear me. 

Does the microphone only function through the CAN-Bus data lines or is there a dedicated wire?  Would appreciate any type of help, thanks.


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How to make it work on a 2017

This is for a US 2017 SL with premium. The 2016 should be pretty similar, but it's a good idea to obtain the wiring diagram yourself and verify. Your local library may have a subscription to "Auto Repair Source" or something similar, which should have it.


The microphone connects to the TCU on pins 16-18. The microphone output to the AV control unit is on pins 11-12. I don't recall if the microphone signal is amplified/buffered or just passes straight through, but the TCU does provide power to the microphone, so you can't simply remove the TCU and connect the mic signal lines together. To prevent the TCU from turning climate control off when it finds it has unexpectedly started, "simply" disconnect the CAN lines at pins 6-7 and leave everything else connected. I managed to figure out how to de-pin the connector with makeshift tools while hanging upside in the footwell, but ideally you would get the proper de-pinning tool and practice using it on a spare connector.

Thanks so much for this!  I

Thanks so much for this!  I'll give this a try over the holidays and report back.  Appreciate the help and diagrams!

Microphone not working - 2016 Nissan Leaf SL (AZE0-1 Model)

Did you ever get your microphone to work without losing the climate control? I am experiencing exactly the same thing on my 2016 SL. It would be great if I could get BOTH functions working properly.

2016 Microphone Fix

Thanks for this solution. I just did this to my 2016 SL and I can confirm that it does work for the 2016 too. I haven't been able to get my hands on the 2016 wiring diagrams, but my car matched the 2017 schematics that you provided, so I went for it. I de-pinned pins 6 and 7, plugged everything back in and now everything works. I've got full OVMS climate control functionality that works whether I'm charging or not, and the hands-free microphone is working again.

I'm wondering if this should be captured on the Nissan Leaf /e-NV200 installation page. I found several people looking for this solution in different forums, but only found the potential solution in this thread. Is there a moderator that can make a note there?

De-pinning wasn't too bad. After removing the glove box (10 screws) I undid the 3 screws that secure the bracket that the TCU attaches to. Then the wiring harness can be pulled out towards the seat and you can basically work with the connector on your lap. All you need is a good sharp pick or a large needle. Pop the white guard off the face of the connector, then use the pick to release the locking tab for the pins while lightly pulling on the wires and voila... de-pinned. After testing I re-installed everything. It was about 30 minutes all-in.

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