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GSM disconnects (4G/5G network) and will not auto-reconnect.



I just installed a new OVMS system in my Ioniq 5, and all seems to be working fine (although GPS signal is bad).  However, with a 4G/5G SIM car which works fine in my phone (doesn’t disconnect even in tunnels), doesn’t work well in the OVMS system. I have now inserted a SD card and set the logging to verbose. What other commands can I give to log some useful information so a developer can look at it? It seems not to want to reconnect unless I go in there with WiFi and switch off and on the modem. After that it’ll work again until I start driving again and eventually (usually within half an hour) it disconnects again.


i mounted the antennae both for gps and the gsm directly under the front windshield,  but it doesn’t improve the situation.


thanks for help.