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Support for Kia eSoul III, built from 2020/2021?

Hello everyone,

Can someone tell me whether the module also works for the e-Soul III, built in 2021? It shares the base with the Kia Niro.

Unfortunately, ours is without "Kia Connect" and I'm looking for a solution on how to get to the SOC live. We charge our two EVs with excess PV using a solution that I think is very good, evcc (also opeb soure). evcc has an integration with ovms.


I suggest you contact Michael

I suggest you contact Michael Balzer at dexter@dexters-web.de. He will know.

Regards /Lars

Soul Support

The last real code change in OVMS for  the Kia Soul was around 2019 - and I can't see any updated PID list for the newer variants here: https://github.com/JejuSoul/OBD-PIDs-for-HKMC-EVs which means its hard to give any definitive answer.

It really depends on whether they are using a bunch of new addresses.. or keeping the old ones.  It might be that it works fine with the old PIDs but I wouldn't count on it.  It might be that it works with may Hyundai Ioniq 5 code - but wouldn't count on it.


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