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Tesla Model 3 CAN-BUS Project

I have a Tesla Model 3, I've got a Raspberry Pi 0 W and connected a CAN-BUS USB module and also a 12V to 5V module, this is the parts list:






I've connected this to my Tesla Model 3 CAN-BUS using the port in the centre console between the front two seats, I have set-up the USB port so when the Raspberry Pi is connected to my home WiFi I can access the CAN-BUS directly on my iMAC as it it was connected to my car.  I used SavvyCAN and Wireshark to sniff the packets and I have downloaded Model3CAN.dbc file to translate some of the information, unfortunately it doesn't translate everything.

I need help to identify the following, message ID's and packet specification for the following data:

Left / Right Indicators




Can anyone help?


Thank you

I have a 2022 Model Y and

I have a 2022 Model Y and often see Model 3/Y listed so maybe information here is similar. With that I noticed your linked OBDII diag port cable looks like it's only 1 CAN bus but looking at the schematic of the OVMS v3 board it has 3 CAN buses(one onboard via ESP32 and 2 offboard the ESP32). Has something shown you only need the one CAN bus for the Model 3?

Model 3 2021

I have the same list of parts but I am using a CANbus to USB connector and plugging directly into my mac to sniff the packets but I am having no success. 


Do you an example of what colors map to CAN High/Low for the model 3?

Similar hardware/software as grootroot

I have similar hardware and software and have tried to tap into the same location on my 2022 Tesla Model 3 and have not been able to get any CANBUS traffic.

I have an OBD Link MX+ and Scan My Tesla which works, and I don't know why the CAN-USB / Windows setup doesn't. They both tap into the same set of wires.

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