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Where to physically install

Hi all. I'm new here, so please forgive my ignorance.  I set up my OVMS-33-7600G server, upgraded the firmware, etc, and it seems to be working well.  I have yet to connect the device to my 2016 Leaf.

I'm wondering about a few things:

  1. Is the ODB port next to the fuse box the only option for installation?  I've seen a few posts about installing in the glove box, but maybe that's only for connecting to the TCU for older models? 
  2. Is there any way to/reason to disconnect the old NissanConnect services?
  3. Also, for "Power on external 12V" in the Autostart options, is that power outputted through the USB port?  I'm thinking about setting a Wireless Router and I thought that might be a good way to power it ('cause then I'll have wifi in my car).

Thank you!

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I just did the installation

I just did the installation in an e-NV200. There is more than enough space behind the central control panel and more because I removed the AV-head unit. If you disconnect the TCU you can remove it and put the OVMS box in place. For a leaf you probably need a OBDII extension cable to reach the Glove box. As I understand for remote start/stop charging the TCU has to be disconnected. The TCU had to be dismounted to unplug the socket so it is easy to remove at the same time. What is the use for a WiFi network in your car?


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Congrats on your install!

Congrats on your install! Great idea removing the TCU as long as you don’t intend to use it in the future. The OBDII cable that comes with it is quite long and might even make it to the glove compartment on a LEAF. I’m sure a longer cable could be found if not. the TCU needs to be disconnected on some models to allow remote climate control to work, not for charging. The WiFi allows you to connect to your home or work network if your car is close enough to save on LTE charges. If you were responding to the other post, I believe he wants a WiFi hotspot to connect phones or tablets.

Thanks for your responses.  I

Thanks for your responses.  I actually connected it to ODBII and stuck up behind the fuse box, above the brake pedal.  I haven't touched the TCU, and climate control seems to be working.

I want the wifi hotspot for the reasons you mentioned, I Hack Cars.  I got a sweet deal on a data service, so having my phone and the ODBS run through wifi (a GL-inet Puli) works well for me.  Also, the ODBS can connect to my home wifi network when it is in range.


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